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21 March 2014
Oceans - Fall 2014

6/9/14 Update
Bass and Keyboards are done! Guitar time!

5/27/14 Update

Adam has recorded all the drum tracks and we are also about done with the bass! Things are sounding GREAT.

ABOUT THE NEW ALBUM: Oceans revolves around a journey of an individual who is trying to find ultimate happiness and is told by the world that happiness lies in material possessions. He follows the worlds advice, goes through the different stages of life and, after he has everything that was supposed to make him happy, he realizes that he is not and that life is about the journey and not the ultimate destination.

Here are the working titles of the songs (they may change before the release of the album):

1. Zero 220
2. I Imagine
3. Shock-wave
4. Flat-line
5. Island
6. The Bends
7. You and Me
8. War & Crime
9. Castaway
10. The Great Divide

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